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A.    Consultation

• Ayurveda doctors have their unique identity as “Vaidya” & the same is written as symbol of “Vd” I.e. “Dr.” for Doctors & “Vd.” For Ayurveda Doctors

• Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic is establishment of an Ayurveda couple & they are Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra & his wife Vd.Kinjal Ganatra

• They both have “B.A.M.S.” Degree & they are registered Ayurveda Doctors of GUJARAT BOARD OF AYURVEDA UNANI SYSTEMS OF MEDICENE,GUJARAT,INDIA

• Very friendly & scientific approach of consultation is the unique point which touches the heart of patients & visitors which is the major root cause behind the success of Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic

• Ayurvedic specialty of diagnosing a patient as an individual which is followed at Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic. According to Ayurveda each person has its own unique constitution called as “Prakruti”& through that concept each individual is different than the other all. So, the treatment strategy also will vary from to person with same symptoms or same disease.”Accurate diagnosis means half treatment done” & that smart method is in DNA of Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic

• Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic believes & follows absolute code of ethics. The doctors never share the personal details of any patient even with their family members. This point strengthens the relationship with doctor & patients can share all their health related talk without any fear of disclosure.

• Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra & Vd.Kinjal Ganatra considers all the patients as their family member or as their friends & offer a very faithful atmosphere with transparent explanation regarding diagnosis & possible results of the treatment so a person gets clear visualization of the process of treatment & its outcome he is suppose to go through.

B.    Medicines

• After the consultation a perfect Ayurvedic diagnosis takes place and according to the proportion of “Vata-Pitta-kapha” of patient’s body the selection of medicines are done along with suitable diet & lifestyle recommendation.

• All the medicines given from Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic are purely authentic ayurvedic drugs prepared with very high standards of quality.

• Majority of the medicines are prepared under direct observation of Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra & Vd.Kinjal Ganatra for guaranteed efficiency & purity of the drugs.

• Certain medicines of some pharmaceuticals is also used only after cent percent surety of their purity.

• Freshly prepared pure ayurveda medicines are most essential tool to establish the desired health in patient.

• Actual required dosages of medicines are given to the patient in form of tablets-capsules-syrup, so it is convenient to have on daily basis. Only in certain cases medicines are given in form of powder & decoction.

• Though medicines have their significant role to play in curing the patient but more than that diet protocols & life style corrections are essential tools for root cure & to avoid recurrence of the disease.

• After the complete cure of respective disease “Rasayan” treatment is offered to the patient for enhancing the immunity power which will establish a potential defense mechanism against that specific disease & all other.

• Medicinal course is offered according to the need of the treatment. In some cases every 10 days follow up may be required & in other may be monthly follow up would be fine. The tenure of medicinal course will depend on the particular conditions.

• Charges of medicines would vary as per the treatment but routine medicinal charges will be between INR. 40/- to INR. 50/- per day.


• “PANCHKARMA” is the very popular treatment across the globe & its tremendous results are the only factor in popularizing it.

• A very deep & scientific concept is there in selection of specific “PANCHKARMA” treatment in any person. Only an ayurveda doctor can decide about it.

• Though it needs a very long session to explain the whole genuine concept of “PANCHKARMA” treatment but for very superficial understanding the below explanation is given to cater the curiosity about it.

• According to Sanskrit language “PANCH” means “FIVE” & “KARMA” means “PROCEDURE”. So “Panchkarma” indicates “the Five Procedures”.

                   1. “Vaman” is therapeutic Emesis

                   2. “Virechana” is therapeutic Purgation

                   3. “Basti” is therapeutic Enema with medicinal fluid i.e. Decoction or Oil

                   4. “Nasya” is nasal administration of medicine

                   5. “Raktmokshan” is Leech therapy or bloodletting through different techniques

• “Panchkarma” is mainly performed to evacuate the impurities of body when they have already crossed the threshold of the level where they could have been cured only with medicines & diet.

• Indoor hospitalization is not always needed in all “PANCHKARMA” treatment. It may require depending upon the severity of the disease.

• Period of these procedures may vary from 1 hour or 1 day till 30 days as per the treatment plan has been finalized for specific case.

• Again the huge variation of fees will be there starting from INR 500/- to INR 50,000/- depending upon the number of sessions & requirement of medicines to use in.

• Under super observation of expert ayurveda doctors this “PANCHKARMA” treatment will be done in 3 frames.

                   1. Pre PANCHKARMA Protocols

                   2. PANCHKARMA Treatment

                   3. Post PANCHKARMA CARE

• In common words “PANCHKARMA” treatment indicates the scientific internal cleansing of the human body to make the internal paths of body very clear to reach the nourishment & medicinal qualities to each cell of the body.

• Very hygienic & patient friendly protocols are practiced at Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic while “PANCHKARMA” treatment for best desired results.

• These “PANCHKARMA” treatment is very much time tested & in practice for thousands of years in India & now also in many countries across the globe.

• Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic has well equipped, neat & clean “PANCHKARMA” unit where patient feels comfortable while being treated.

D.    Wellness Therapies

• The first objective of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the body, mind & soul of a healthy person and the same is the objective of Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic.

• That is why a huge bouquet of wellness therapies is offered to all healthy person to choose for as per their need in different seasons & in different stages of their life.

• Today’s lifestyle is very challenging to allow us to do something for our health maintenance in day to day schedule.

• We understand this reality & also ready to face this challenge of health maintenance.

• As a result, many wellness therapies are ready to fulfill the motto of maintenance of health equally of the body, mind & soul.

• All corporates, professionals, entrepreneurs or even students have different challenges to perform best in their platform & in the process of reaching to the goal they may come across the different level of stress & some compromises on diet which affects their health.

• Here the major breakdown of Immunity may occur after the metabolic disturbances.

• If such stress or irregularity of diet continuous for a long, they may lead to some symptoms or disease.

• Wellness therapies of Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic will play a role like a strong defender and a great supporter to the immunity system of our body which is responsible to keep us healthy round the clock.

• Daily-weekly-fortnightly or monthly therapies are available to suit the need of your schedule.

• We guide you to select the best therapy after discussion about your lifestyle & related factors.

• Once you experience the positive impact of this wellness therapy in form of very refreshing & recharging procedure, soon it will become a part of your lifestyle.

• The relaxation & rejuvenation experience of wellness therapies of Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic is highly appreciated by all who have been benefited through them.

E.    SUVARNPRASHAN - The best gift you must give to your child

• The first ever immunization concept of “Suvarnprashan Sanskar” is the amazing gift of ayurveda to the mankind.

• A very scientific formulation prepared with “Suvarn Bhasma” [Ash of Aurum(Gold)] along with precious brain tonic medicines with honey & ghee is called “Suvarnprashan”.

• Newborn child will have the maximum benefits of it to empower his/her immunity system to sustain in the external atmosphere with complete health.

• Up to 12 years of age is the period when this “Suvarnprashan” can be taken but to get the maximum advantage of “Suvarnprashan”, it is advisable to start it as early as possible- preferably in the age before 1 year.

• The method of converting the gold into “Suvarn Bhasma (Ash)” is very scientific & time tested. We use only certified & Govt. approved “Suvarn Bhasma (Gold Ash)” in making of “Suvarnprashan” to assure the safety & efficacy as well.

• Indian families have experienced wonderful results of “Suvarn Prashan” through many generations. In Lehman’s language it is known as “Janm Ghuttee” or “Gadthuthi”.

• According to Ayurveda it is must to give “Suvarnprashan” to all the child for their best journey of life with perfect growth & development including tremendous intelligence & super secured Immunity Power.

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F.    Trainings – Lectures – Workshops ( Decoding the ancient wisdom of health for modern citizens)

• As the world has realized the significance of the health, all are eager to have the knowledge of health.

• As response to this demand we offer the wisdom of Ayurveda to keep ourselves healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

• We offer many different subjects & themes of health to conduct lectures, training & workshops as per the need of specific group like corporates, housewives, students, professionals, teachers, dietitians, yoga practitioners, businessmen etc.

• Ayurveda is dealing with human for more than 5000yrs & it rightly claims that everything is given in it to keep the one truly healthy in all manners.

• We have put our extreme efforts to decode that ancient wisdom of health to get it implemented in our advance lifestyle.

• We are just bridging the fundamentals of health & its applied way to perform in our day to day life.

• More than 15,000 people have benefited by us through different lectures, trainings & workshops on health through Ayurveda in current life style.

• We keep on conducting different programs & also cater the customized program of any particular organization or a group.

• Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra is very friendly in communication with delegates & that is why the interaction sessions are always so much in demand for more & more longer period.

• If you or your organization is interested in conducting or joining for such program just click here to let us know & we will be in touch with you shortly.

G.    Counseling

• A very much needed service in today’s quick way of living. It is very challenging now a days to communicate with even ourselves regarding our health & our likes & dislikes.

• In such scenario how can we expect others to pay attention about our thoughts?

• Due to this communication crisis many health issues are commonly seen in our practice.

• As a solution we offer friendly counseling sessions along with practical solution to all healthy people as well as to them who is suffering from stress. You can come to us & discuss your emotions to solve them which cause deviation in your health.

• Our experience says that just by sharing the thoughts & emotions a person feels very much relaxed & feels the feather light state of mind. In discussion with us they actually start exploring their profile & gets closer to the stuck point or the mental blocks which was disturbing their happiness.

• We as a friend just help to communicate & make them reach to the solution in most practical way with some modification of their perspective towards each situation they come across every day.

• The healing with counseling is so much in demand at Ganatra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic & Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra & Vd.Kinjal Ganatra are very happy by healing with this method.

H.    YOGA

• Establishment of control over mind is the major objective of YOGA. We get realize that our mind is meant to serve us all that we demand & this realization IS possible with many ways – one of them is YOGA.

• “Aasan” & “Pranayan” are very famous today but that only is not complete YOGA. Total 8 titles as “Yam”, “Niyam”, “Aasan”, ”Pranayam”, “Pratyahar”, “Dharna”, “Dhayan” & “Samadhi” together is complete YOGA.

• This concept is justified when we know about them & start acting on them in our daily practice.

• Our yoga teaching is focused on such integrated concept & also their implementation round the day.

• Of course “Aasan” & “Pranayama” is included in it but it is much more beyond that postures learning.

• While the session of YOGA, our motto is to awake the hidden potential of person with that he/she can live their life filled with pure happiness & too much of peace.

• For us YOGA means not teaching - it means guiding the person to carve his/her personality with absolute knowledge of total happiness.

• We announce YOGA program often & also conduct as per the need of you or your organization. Let us know by clicking here if you interested in either way to join us.

I.    Gift Vouchers filled with happiness

• The brand new concept of gifting the health voucher to your family members & friends on festive seasons i.e. Diwali – Navratri –Christmas – New Year – Valentine’s Day – Holi – Friendship Day etc.

• The trend of gifting health voucher is amazingly appreciated on Birthdays – Ring Ceremony – Weddings – Anniversary – Inaugurations – Promotions – Best Wishes Prior To Exams – Vacation Gift & above all a unique surprise without any reason to express your felling.

• The happiest moment when we see the Parents & Grand Parents being gifted these health vouchers by their next generations, they feel so pleased by having such wonderful & worth gift they could have ever imagined.

• Keep gifting health with GANATRA HEALTH VOUCHERS.

• Here are the options to suit your purpose & budget as well.