Vd. Bhavdeep Ganatra


Vd. Bhavdeep Ganatra is highly dedicated to the field of Ayurved and as a result he could be a part of a founder team of 3 top most global organizations of Ayurved. Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra is offering his services to below organizations as..
1. Founder Trustee of WAF (World Ayurveda Foundation)
2. Founder Trustee of AAO International (Active Ayurvedist Organization)
3. Founder President of NASYA (National Ayurveda Student & Youth Association)

Vd. Kinjal Ganatra


Vd.(Dr.) Kinjal Ganatra is registered Ayurved Doctors. She hold the B.A.M.S. Degree (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines & Surgery) from the world famous Ayurved university "GUJARAT AYURVED UNIVERSITY,JAMNAGAR". From year 2009 Vd. Kinjal is serving Ayurved with complete devotion & offered health oriented treatments, hence She has gained a lot respect & faith from the society as an Ayurved consultants & Panchkarma Physicians.

Are Ayurvedic Medicines Safe?

All the medicines given from GANATRA clinic is 100% authentic Ayurvedic medicines & so that is absolutely safe. High standard of quality is maintained at each level in GANATRA clinic. At GANATRA clinic medicines are given only after keen diagnosis of a person & with specific instruction about method of taking the medicines. All government regulations are followed at clinic. So Yes, Ayurvedic medicines at GANATRA clinic is absolutely safe.

How Can You Maintain Your Health Through Ayurved?

GANATRA Ayurved & Panchkarma clinic keeps on conducting knowledge based awareness programmes to spread the techniques of Ayurveda which keeps you healthy. Only knowing the right way & practicing it in daily routine is really very much helpful to maintain your health through Ayurved. Just leave as a message on vd.ganatra@gmail.com that you are interested to receive announcement of such event & we will let you know the details.