The beauty of Ayurved treatment is - Absolute personalized diagnosis & treatment. We at GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC treat the each patient with complete dedication towards patient's lifestyle & "Prakruti"(Human Constituition) for keen diagnosis & perfect treatment.

Ayurved has many parameters which can easily evaluate the status of health in a particular person.

"NAADI PARIKSHA"-the pulse diagnosis is the most unique tool of Ayurvedic diagnosis to assure the "Prakruti"(Human Constitution) of a person & status of 3 doshas - VATA,PITTA & KAPHA in the body. This Ayurvedic method of diagnosis makes the further path of treatment very clear for quick & sure results. Each action is a result of some cause. We find out that actual root cause which is responsible for the disease in a particular person & once that cause is removed from the patient's life style & the journey towards complete health becomes very easy.

Very pure Ayurvedic medicines are being used by us for the total safety to the patients. Regular follow up of patient & specific diet disciplines are expected to avoid recurrence of the disease. When it is required we do "PANCHKARMA Therapy" as a part of the treatment. Different patients may need different "PANCHKARMA Therapy" in particular condition & accordingly we plan for that specific "PANCHKARMA Therapy".

We treat the patient of all age group from newborns to senior citizens. We act as a vital bridge between you & the authentic Ayurved Science.


GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC wel-comes you to the healthy world of Ayurved.You are on this website because you also strongly believe in Ayurved - like we do. Ayurved is the pioneer of health science & 5000 years old "HEALTH INTELLIGENCE" of INDIA. Ayurved offers time tested protocols of life style to follow which can keep you & your family healthy.

GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC promotes genuine & authentic Ayurved treatment to all. We offer sure shot health solutions for you & your family.

If you wish to experience the advantage of Ayurved in your life, GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC is your perfect destination. We firmly believe that you deserve the health & GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC assures you to be healthy.

We are dedicated to exclusive Ayurved fundamentals .Likewise Ayurved - GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC also deals with the health issues of pregnancy care, newborn babies & children, youngsters, mid age & old age people as well.

GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC provides Consultations & Medicines of all kind of disorders, Panchkarma Treatment, Wellness therapies, Suvarnprashan-the Ayurvedic Immunization, Ayurved Lectures-Training-Workshops, Yoga Treatment-Tuition-Workshops.

All the Ayurvedic medicines & preparations used at GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC are purely Ayurvedic, completely hygienic & safe for all. Very potential medicines are one of the major factors for quick & long lasting result @ GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC. A very high standard of hygiene & authenticity is maintained in GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC at all level.


*Vd.(Dr.) Bhavdeep Ganatra & Vd.(Dr.) Kinjal Ganatra are registered Ayurved Doctors. They hold the B.A.M.S. Degree (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines & Surgery) from the world famous Ayurved university "GUJARAT AYURVED UNIVERSITY,JAMNAGAR". From year 2009 these doctors are serving Ayurved with complete devotion & offered health oriented treatments, hence they have gained a lot respect & faith from the society as an Ayurved consultants & Panchkarma Physicians.

(*Vd.=Vaidya=Authentic Ayurveda Doctor)

Vd. Bhavdeep Ganatra is highly dedicated to the field of Ayurved and as a result he could be a part of a founder team of 3 top most global organizations of Ayurved. Vd.Bhavdeep Ganatra is offering his services to below organizations as.

1. Founder Trustee of WAF (World Ayurveda Foundation)
2. Founder Trustee of AAO International (Active Ayurvedist Organization)
3. Founder President of NASYA (National Ayurveda Student & Youth Association)

A huge number of talk shows of Vaidya Bhavdeep Ganatra has been broadcasted in electronic media as an Ayurved expert. Many reputed institutes & organizations have invited Vaidya Bhavdeep Ganatra as a speaker with theme subject of Ayurved. A very strong belief of Vaidya Bhavdeep Ganatra to spread Ayurved on huge scale has made him travel across many states of India & this journey is still on. The observation of these journey concluded that all the states of India have a different scenario of health due to respective climate & life style but Ayurved has customized solutions for each individual.

Vaidya Bhavdeep & Vaidya Kinjal Ganatra holds the certificate of YOG TEACHER also & offers the health through YOG TRAININGS as well. GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC regularly offers WORKSHOPS for children & also for Health Conscious people with various topic like "Healthy Intelligent child" ,"Ayurved in Indian Families", "Health for All by Ayurved" , "The Health Show of Ayurveda" etc. there is always an overwhelmed response to participate in the programs offered by GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC.

GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC is eager to have the opportunity to serve you the health through real Ayurveda. You are more than well come at GANATRA AYURVED & PANCHKARMA CLINIC.